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How to write heart-centered website content: Step two


Welcome to part 2 of this 5 articles series about “How to write heart-centered website content”.

I hope you did the previous Action Step from <Article 1> and now you’re ready to discover the next tools to leverage your writing skills.

After you discovered your customer inner universe of fear, frustrations, deepest desires, and dreams and you really emphasized with them from a space of genuine love it’s time to use this wisdom and dive deeper into step two.

In this article, we’ll cover how you can use the channels where your customers are spending their time, in a way that is smart and strategical. Also, we’ll discover the purpose of creating a genuine emotional connection with them and how you can use their same words from a solution-mindset to fire their hearts.

Step two: Start using the same words as your customers and shine the spotlight on them 

Sounds familiar? I bet you heard this before in your marketing research about how to promote your business, how to get more leads, and how to achieve more customers. And also you had that feeling of rejection, you felt that this marketing approach it’s so wrong and fake.

If you’re feeling like this, please STOP! Don’t go there and ask yourself “How can this work for me?”, “How I can use this approach from a loving space, from a space where I can genuinely support my customers?”

Think about your customers like part of your family and friends. How you treat your family or friends? You really care for them, you are always there to support them, love them, and really understand them, genuinely listen to them and offer unconditionally support.

Well, this is exactly what you should do with your customers. Go where they are spending their time, where they are expressing themselves, and want to be heard and to receive attention. Here you should really listen to them with your heart. Notice what are they writing, speaking, and emotionally expressing.

You may be asking yourself which are these channels and how can you discover them. Here some examples that can sparkle your imagination and inspire you to discover yours:

  • Social Media Posts, Shares, Likes, Follows,
  • Blog Articles,
  • Online Platforms they are members in,
  • Online Events they are attending,
  • Online Groups activity,
  • Online Courses,
  • Comments,
  • Reviews and feedbacks,
  • Testimonials,
  • Conversations you have with your customers: What are they asking you?

Next, let’s discover how you can use these channels in the best way possible for your business.


1. Write 10 channels where you feel in your body you’ll find your customers.

2. Circle 3 channels that you feel are the most important and make the biggest impact on your business.

3. Start using these channels and notice:

What words are your customers using?
How are they showing up?
What stories are they telling themselves and to the world?
What are they looking for? What set of emotions are they following?
What are they the most passionate about?
What are your customers telling you the most?

4. Finally, connect your products or services with your customer’s words, needs, desires, dreams, goals, and aspirations. Make your business a positive solution for your customers.

How are your products or services serving your customers?
How are you firing your customers’ hearts with your products or services?

5. Create a copy for your blog post or social media post and use your customers’ exact words and have them in the spotlight.

Great work, dear reader! I hope you took action and you’ve done progress in your business.

Say in touch with me for the STEP 3: “Master the reverse engineering technic: How to be conscious of the purpose you are writing for.”  of this 5 posts series or subscribe to my newsletter and I’ll be in your inbox when the next article is out. 

Thank you for still reading and for taking action. Next, I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below. Let me know what insights did you had after doing all the fun work and I’d be happy to connect with you.

With love,
Hi! I’m Bianca and I love to share with you stuff about design, life, productivity, and anything else that fires my heart.

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